Reactions to the Manger

Every year we take 4 weeks away from our current sermon series to celebrate the Advent Season.  The four weeks leading up to Christmas have been a time when followers of Jesus have taken time to consider how their lives interact with the wonderful truth that Jesus was born!

In order for Grafted to do this, we are going to be taking a little break from looking at the book of Judges and instead we are going to take this Advent Season to look at the way that different people and groups of people reacted to both the Manger and the birth of the One who would eventually die to save His people from the power, presence, and penalty of sin: sickness and death.  We are calling this sermon series, “Reactions to the Manger.”  In the end, I hope that this sermon series will encourage you to think about how YOU are reacting to the manger, instead of only thinking about how busy you are with the end of the school and calendar years, busy with all of the holiday traditions that you are trying to fit into one month, busy trying to buy gifts, and busy trying to organize all of those things into the short 24 hours we each get every day.

The four groups at which we are going to be looking will be The Hosts of Heaven in week one.  Week two will be Greg tackling the prophets Anna and Simeon’s reactions.  In week three Steven will look at how the Shepherds reacted to the manger.  And then, right before Christmas, we will look at the way King Herod reacted to the news that there might be a new king on the scene… Each of these weeks are going to not only give us insight into how the people reacted to Jesus’s birth, but also insight into who God is and how we also can react to the beginning of the greatest event in human history.

Come join us this Advent Season, or listen to the sermons here.

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