Thoughts from the 4th of July, 2019

This first appeared as a Facebook post of mine. Sometimes Facebook posts are just words for the wind to carry off and never be heard from again… after re-reading these words a few times, I don’t think these fall into that category.

“Today Americans celebrate a bold statement: a declaration of independence from the British Monarchy. But that independence was not won without a fight and many, many deaths.
Today I also want to reflect on the fact that I, too, have made a bold statement: a declaration of my independence from the rule of sin and death in my life. But my independence was not won with a fight. Rather through the self-sacrificial love and mercy of my King, ultimately demonstrated in His death on a Roman torture device: a cross.
As you celebrate your freedom from what was a tyrannical rule, consider the tyrannical rule we see around us every day. Celebrate the birth of a nation today, but don’t forget about the True King and the True Kingdom which has and will overcome all of the tyrannical rules all of us have ever encountered.”

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