My Grill is Broken

I am not sure if any of you remember this past winter… but at some point it was still warm enough for me to go outside and grill up some bacon… I think it was around Christmas time… And then the grill was all warm and so I decided to let it cool down before putting the cover on… but then it was too cold at night for me to want to go outside and put the cover on once it had cooled down… And then it snowed. A lot. And then it got really cold, and then warmed up and snowed more, and then got really cold again, and then warmed up and snowed even more…

The end product of this story was that this spring, as the icicles from the ice dams on my roof started to fall, I could not move my grill, for it had become frozen in place.  To top it off, it was frozen WITHOUT a cover to protect it from said falling ice, due to my failure to take care of it before the snow fell.

Most people hear this story and think, “Well, that’s nice. Hopefully you can learn a lesson from the natural consequence of not having a grill until you buy one at some point this summer.”

I deserve that. And, come next fall, hopefully I will have learned my lesson. (Always cook bacon inside… that is the right lesson, right?)

But for now, my family needs to deal with the fact that Daddy’s neglect has led to our having a harder time doing one of the ministries that we love doing together: Friday Night Neighborhood Cookouts! This year we are going to have to rely on the rest of the neighborhood’s willingness to host a bunch of people grilling, a bunch of kids running, and a bunch of chaos happening, on on their small Minneapolis plot of land. I think it will work out; it is just going to take some more organizing this year compared to last summer’s plan.

How are you planning on using the warm weather to reach out to your neighbors?
-Are you planting a garden? _ou can swap tips, tricks, and stories about Jesus with the folks next door who also have a bunch of fruits, veggies, and weeds growing!
-Do you plan on spending more time down at the local park running/working out or playing with your kiddos? Meeting folks on the trails or as you watch the kids (to make sure they don’t injure themselves beyond repair) is a great time to tell the tale of how Jesus runs after you and keeps you protected from the ultimate evil brought upon you by your own sin!
-Is biking more your thing? I don’t understand biking culture, but I know that the folks who ride 3 feet away from multiple ton vehicles whizzing past them have to swap close calls every now and then… Why not spice up the conversation with your close encounter with the Risen Lord?
-Are you planning on hosting cookouts of your own this summer? It is easy as a note in everyone’s mail box that reads, “Meet around the grill on (insert date) at (insert time) at (insert location) with your own meat (or other grilling item) and a side dish to share. See you there! Contact me, (your name here), at (your phone number here) with any questions.” Sharing food and sharing life go hand in hand! Talk about how you spiced your main dish; talk about how Jesus spiced up your life/became your main dish…

(I think that last one went a little too far…)

Share your summer evangelism plans below so that we can all share ideas!


15 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

1 Peter 3:15

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