How Do We Use Sundays Well?

For many generations, our Family has been meeting on Sundays to break bread together and encourage one another towards love and good deeds.  Grafted continues this tradition by meeting at 4:00 at All Nations Baptist Church where we sing together, read scripture together, take communion together, and occasionally we get the chance to see some of the people who call Grafted home make a public declaration of the faith in Christ for the first time through baptism.

That was the case this past Sunday and it was fun to have a full house to watch Sophie, Becca, Katie, and Beth get dunked! (Not to mention that we took the time to dedicating our lives to helping Noah, Eevee, and Wilder know and follow Christ; that also added a few people to the mix…)  After the service it was hard to track down everyone I wanted to talk to because there were so many folks that I wanted to talk to face to face.

I was wondering how to use my time wisely in those few minutes during the Call to Action and after the service so that I didn’t waste any of it. It was in this moment when I walked past Beth, who was trying to work through the same ideas… she was just wondering out loud.  I overheard her say to herself something to the effect of, “there are just so many people I want to talk to right now, but I know that some of them are going to be at my house in a little bit… I need to talk to those folks who I won’t have a chance to talk to later.”  I asked her if I could share this internal monologue (that happened to be on the outside) with the rest of Grafted because it does such a great job of summarizing how I want to use Sundays, even if sometimes I fail.

Every week I get to eat a meal and encourage the people in my small group.  I meet up with the Grafites I mentor once, twice, or four times a month.  I see and talk to my friends from Grafted often enough.  But there are those whom I often only get a chance to see on Sundays.  How can I use my time on Sunday well to make sure I talk to the folks who I won’t have a chance to talk to later?  What about you?  Do you just hang out with your small group?  Your family? Your friends?  Or do you avail yourself of the wonderful opportunity that Sunday creates to encourage your brothers and sisters to love God and love others whom you don’t often see?

There are many other things that we can do in order to use Sundays well.  But for now, this idea is more than enough in order for me to have to think about what I am doing on Sundays…

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