Grafted Community Church Covenant

Every year it is good for us to remember what we signed up for when we say we are going to be a part of the Grafted family.

Here is Grafted Community Church’s Covenant:

“We believe God has called Grafted Community Church to glorify His name by helping as many people as possible become fully committed members in Christ’s forever family in Northeast Minneapolis and anywhere else He provides the opportunity. We believe God has called us to be a local community of believers who celebrate God’s presence in worship, unleash God’s power in prayer, utilize God’s Word as the ultimate source of truth for every aspect of life, and do whatever is necessary to go into the kingdom of darkness and bring Christ’s message of love and forgiveness. He has called us to live in Biblical community through loving relationships and accountability to one another. We believe He has called us to live out the obedience of faith and to grow in Christ through loving God and serving in His work on earth: being good stewards of the time, talents, finances, and other resources God has entrusted to us. God has also called us to demonstrate His grace and love in all we do. Together as a church, we covenant together in carrying out His vision for this church.”

What do you want to do in the next year to carry out your part of this covenant? Is there any help you need from anyone? Who are you going to ask for that help?

Jesus, help us to honor You as we continue to build this little part of Your Body called, Grafted Community Church.  You are worthy of our spending everything we are and have to bring You just a bit more praise.  Help us to see everything we have and do as a way to live out Your calling on our lives. Amen.

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