Football and Grafted: a short story.

As many of you know by now the NFL Team that plays in our great city has a decent shot at playing in the Superbowl, which is being played here in Minneapolis. This is a fact of life.
Grafted has never been, nor is it ever going to be, all about football, or politics, or whatever big musical group is coming to town, or whatever else is happening around us… but we are going to be a place that admit when things are happening.
This Sunday we have planned to gather as a family to look at what God has done in the past year, make decisions about what we think He is calling us to in the next year, and eat some good food together. This event is scheduled during a big Vikings football game. We are not going to postpone our annual meeting/potluck and we are going to figure out how to have the game on somewhere in the church during the meal.
I know this isn’t a perfect answer for anyone. Vikings fans (fair-weather or otherwise) are going to be upset with me for not postponing and non-fan types are going to be upset that the game is even on… sometimes I feel like my job is to make sure everyone is equally as mad at me. We will shut off the game in order to hold our meeting, but I, for one, am looking forward to spending some time with all of you just hanging out!
Speaking of hanging out. I know that many of us want to spend time with our friends who are not followers of Jesus in an environment where they would feel comfortable. Luckily for all of us, Superbowl parties are the perfect opportunity to do just that! For the evening of February 4th, the night of the Superbowl, there will be no Sunday worship.
I want to encourage all of everyone to spend time praying about who you want to spend some time encouraging, rubbing shoulders, hanging out, sharing the love of God as He expressed it in Christ Jesus… whatever phrase you want to use… Ask God who He wants you to watch the game with for the purpose of worshiping Him by declaring your faith in Him as your Savior and Lord.

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