From 2020 into 2021

With 2020 now behind us and 2021 in full swing, I think it might be time to consider one of the most important lessons that this past year could have taught us.

No matter what we put our hopes and dreams in, no matter what we thought was going to bring us fulfillment in our lives, no matter if it was having a schedule or having free time to go on adventures, no matter if it was our relative health and safety, no matter if it was seeing our family and friends, no matter if it was attending a regularly scheduled church service or a regularly scheduled gathering at a restaurant or bar with friends, no matter if it was the relative ease with which I could talk about Jim Crow and racism as a thing of the past, no matter if it was watching sports or movies, no matter if it was going to the gym or Fantasy Flight to play a new board game, no matter if it was traveling abroad or staying in our cities, no matter if it is something as simple as assuming we can easily draw our next breaths, no matter what… 2020 showed us that if we are trying to make our source of life something that is temporal, it is ultimately temporary will eventually fail us.

The only way that we are ever going to assured of having a source on which we can draw, no matter what is happening around us, is if we look for something eternal, something unchanging, something outside of our world, something that has proven itself, something that doesn’t rely on us…2020, with all its crazinesses and frustrations, was a year that has cried out to everyone, “there is something more than this.”

As we move into 2021, let us spend some time looking to the wisdom of those who have gone before us and learn about the claims of the one who has declared that he was the source of life that will never run dry, who declared with his final breath that it was completed, and of whom it was said that in his death the love of God has been demonstrated for everyone, no matter what might have been in their past.

Let us take this year and grow strong roots into the Messiah, and allow Him to become our source of life, so that when the next set of storms come, we will not be shaken!

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