Author: Dave Hammond

The Gospel in Dental Floss

One of the ways that we have been trying to teach our kinds about Jesus and the gospel is asking them to figure out ways that their current activity relates to them.  (Sometimes finding the relationship between “How to Train Your Dragon” and the gospel is a bit of a stretch… but we normally are […]

Do You Remember?

I listened to a sermon online recently that encouraged the people of the church to all come to the point where they have all at least read the bible.  The idea was that the bible is our sacred book, we should at least probably know what is in there… Recently I have been using the […]

Be Prepared!

This Wednesday I was about to walk outside, when I started to hear the severe weather siren sounding. I started to get a bit confused, because while I was growing up these alarms only sounded in the summer (or maybe they sounded all year long and I was having too much fun at school to […]

The Bible Speaks to Our Hearts

I was listening to a podcast a few days ago on my way home from work on the concept behind the Hebrew word chochmah (seriously, is there anything The Bible Project guys don’t do?) and they mentioned a verse from the book of Proverbs. Here is it: 4 Where there are no oxen, the manger is […]