Author: Dave Hammond

A Christmas Song?

Advent is in all kinds of full swing around our neck of the woods.  The Advent Calendar is out, the Tree is set up and trimmed, the stockings are hung on the wall (we don’t have a chimney), UPS is in the peak season craziness, and Christmas Music is being pumped out of every speaker […]

Good, Better, Best…

Last week I talked about working at UPS at the Airport in the morning as my current Tentmaking strategy. What we basically do is sort the packages that need to be delivered that day that flew in on big planes onto smaller planes and trucks to be sent out to the smaller buildings around the […]


As we are starting to look at the budget for 2018, it has gotten me thinking about something. I have come to realize that each of us faces a crisis. Okay crisis might be too heavy a word but it got your attention didn’t it? I am not talking  about a crisis of faith, nor am […]

A Response to #metoo

Before starting this Midweek Update I stood here staring at my computer screen realizing that there was literally no way that I was going to be able to write anything that would come close to encompassing all of my thoughts, emotions, fears, and hopes about a topic we need to discuss.  This week my Facebook […]