Purpose and Values

About Grafted Community Church

Purpose Statement

Grafted Community Church’s purpose is to help people become and remain rooted in Christ.

Core Values

Our core values are the guiding currents which flow in the river of Grafted. They help us see how the activities in which we engage connect to the purpose God has called us to work to achieve.  Our eleven core values are:


The first of the currents in the river of Grafted is that we desire that our actions are consistently defined as acts of worship. From singing songs of praise to swinging a hammer to fix something in a local school, from eating a meal together to nourishing a child’s faith with a simple hug; we want our actions to be a response to the God who first reached out to us: singing over us, fixing our brokenness, feeding our starving souls from His eternal sustaining power. God is worthy of our love and commitment, worthy of our time, talents, treasure, and tickers, worthy of our lives, and worthy of our church. Because He is worthy of praise, we will strive to worship Him in everything we do.


The next current in this river is that we desire to be a place where honesty is held up as a priority which we all should attempt to manifest in all areas in our lives. Honesty is not easy, because it means that we will need to confront the sin that so easily entangles all of us. Owning up to our failures and weaknesses can allow the good news that God loves and saves sinners to shine even more brightly for the world to see. Holding Honesty in high regard will mean that life can be difficult, but it will also mean that we can be trusted when we tell someone that we and God love them, no matter what. Honest about our sin, honest about our love, and honest about the consequences for both is something we want to see in our church.

Deep Relationships

As God reached out to humanity, ultimately dying to prove His love for us, He did so by forming deep lasting relationships with both individuals, families, and the whole world. In order to reflect the actions of God to the world, we will strive to achieve similar deep relationships with people both inside our church community and outside. This current in the river of Grafted is both incredibly difficult to stay within, and allows authentic worship, honest conversations, and life giving support to flow more easily.

Stabilizing Support

Every person in the world has experienced moments of instability: transitions at work or at home, a dream that died unexpectedly, or the start of something new and exciting in life. The last of the currents in the river of Grafted is that we want to be a place where people who are living life can find stability no matter what they are going through. Jesus’s death on a cross to bring new life to those who started worshipping created things instead of the Creator, purchased for those who call Him Savior and Lord an Eternal Home where the Source of Life will be constantly available to everyone. While we can never bring perfect peace and stability, if we can bring an ounce of Godly stability into this unstable world, to point to the moment when Heaven and Earth will be one once again, we will have accomplished living up to this value.