Vision and Values

Vision Statement

Grafted Community Church exists to honor God by helping as many people as possible become fully committed members in Christ’s Forever Family.

Core Values

Our core values flow from a commitment to see our vision happen in our specific location, Northeast Minneapolis, and natural network of relationships. Our eleven core values are:

Honoring God

Grafted is a place where we desire to honor a God worthy of honoring. God is our creator and sustainer, our redeemer and friend, our guide for life and the one from whom all of our blessings come. God is worthy of our love and commitment, worthy of our time, talents, treasure, and tickers, worthy of our lives; He is worthy of our church. Because He is worthy of honor, we will strive to honor Him in everything we do.

Sharing the Good News

Grafted is a place whose primary desire is that everyone can hear the good news that Jesus was born in a lowly manger to live among us, died on a bloody cross to save us from our sins, and has raised from the empty tomb to be the first to rise to the new life we can have in Him. This is the most important thing that we will declare with our words and actions. Found in this good news is both the power of God to transform our lives into something more than we could possibly imagine of accomplishing on our own and the entrance into a loving relationship with the God of the universe by grafting us into His Forever Family.

Loving People with Compassion

Grafted is a place where the motivation for sharing the good news I grounded in compassion for all people. “Compassion” is derived from two words that mean “with” and “suffering.” Compassion or “with-suffering” drives us to open our homes, our lives, our mouths, and our hearts to others in order that three things result:

  1. Others feel the love of God through us in a wonderful way
  2. We never allow our hearts to become cold to the sufferings of others
  3. The compassion that Jesus showed us be made much of as we point others to it.

Searching after God

Grafted is a place where people who have never had a chance to encounter the Risen Christ can do so for the first time in a way they understand. We will constantly be striving to remove every obstacle out of the way of the people who are earnestly seeking Him. While removing obstacles, we will always be pointing back to the lowly manger, the bloody cross and the empty tomb and allowing a commitment to Jesus to be the thing between newcomers and a relationship with.

Helping Hurting People Heal

Grafted is a place where people who have been hurt in the past can come and experience healing from the wounds they have received. Jesus healed many in His ministry as an example of the ultimate healing that would take place when He took our sins, and by His wounds we are now healed. Bringing the pain that we are experiencing to Jesus is one way we can declare with our actions the healing power that is found in the good news.

The Priesthood of All Believers

Grafted is a place where everyone who is a part of our family will be considered to be part of the priesthood of all believers. As a priest in the family of God we all have something to give back to the community. Finding our place in the family is a continual process as individuals grow and the circumstances within the church change, but we will always encourage everyone to be working to extend the Kingdom of God within their own sphere of influence outside of the church walls.


Grafted is a place that wants to serve in such a way that if we ceased to serve, the city would notice and shed a tear. We want to literally serve the Hell out of the community in which we are based and out of the spheres of influence of which we are all a part. When Jesus took away our sin and grafted us into His Forever Family, He served us in a way that we can never repay and in a way that we could have never served ourselves. Our service should be a reaction to, reflection of, and a beacon pointing out this ultimate act of service.

Truth Leads to Shalom (Peace)

Grafted is a place where we want to encourage everyone to allow their lives to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. We believe that God has given us many gifts so that we can search out His truth: Nature, His Son, His Spirit, other believers and most importantly His Word. Our lives, before they were wrecked by the power of sin, were built to run off of a true relationship with God. Today, when we find our way back to a true relationship with Him, we can find the peace in which we were meant to live.

Taking Steps of Faith

Grafted is a place where people who have been walking with Jesus for one day or for longer than most of us have been alive can come and be encouraged to take another step on their spiritual journey. Jesus walked with His disciples everywhere during His ministry before His death and resurrection, and then, thereafter, continued to meet others on the road as they traveled. Jesus still meets us on our journeys and continues to walk with us, encouraging us as we go. This will come in as many forms: classes, small groups, one on one discipleship and doing ministry that stretches you. Our goal in encouraging people to take another step in their walk with Jesus is that people find their place in our community, and that people grow to lead others to find their place as well.

Gathering in Communities (both large and small)

Grafted is a place where the goal will be that everyone that is a part of our community will be a part of small group where Bible Study, accountability, and evangelism can take place in the context of community. We will study the Bible not as a replacement for God, but because it is the tool God often uses to change lives. We will take part in accountability because we all need help to see the true north sometimes. We will share the good news, or evangelize, and invite the newcomers to take part in our small groups. The family of God living out our faith is a wonderful testimony to how great a God we serve and is incredibly attractive. And we will gather in community because it is there that our understanding about God can be challenged and bolstered.

Simple and Reproducible Ministries

Grafted is a place where we recognize that God’s plan and power is greater than our church alone. While He has called us to minister in our context, we need to set up our ministries in a way that they can be easily reproduced in different spheres of influence so that we do not get in the way of all that God can do. Because of this, simple ministry models will be preferred over the complex. We desire to minister in a way that can be easily replicated, not only by new leaders within our own church, but also by others who leave our church to start new churches.


Dave Hammond

Dave is the planting and Lead Pastor at Grafted. He grew up in Bloomington, MN and fell in love with Minneapolis when he went to school at the U of M. While at the U, Dave’s life was radically altered by three things: Jesus, meeting his wife Chelsea, and realizing that it is ok to really like board games (not your run of the mill board games, but the nerdy ones that win the Spiel des Jahres, or game of the year in Germany. Yep, nerdy…) Dave now lives in Minneapolis with his wife and three kids: Sophie, Selah, and Josiah. Dave finished his BA from the University of Minnesota, and an MACML (Master of Arts in Community Ministry Leadership) from Bethel Theological Seminary.

Pat Harrington

Pat is an Elder at Grafted and you’ll also find him on the Music team playing guitar or running the sound board. He was born and raised in Minnesota and calls Northeast Minneapolis home. He has four children with his wife Amy Lee who occupy the lion’s share of his time and energy and he couldn’t be happier about that. Pat is an engineer, inventor, and a jack of all trades in his spare time. He also is also passionate about music and is always learning another instrument. Pat has too many hobbies to list but is likely to be found on a sailboat, climbing a mountain, or playing hockey on a frozen lake. You’ll be even more likely to find him playing Pokemon with his son or painting his daughters’ fingernails, right after the lightsaber battle in the backyard.

Jordan Hirsch

jordan_hirsch_960_640Jordan is a recently married woman who helps women at Grafted get involved in each others’ lives, and she loves making sure you have a communication card and a mug of coffee in your hands on Sunday morning. Born and raised in a corn field in southeastern Illinois, God somehow got her to move to Minneapolis after high school. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a Geography degree, she interned for 3 years at Hope Community Church, where God put a fire for the Church in her, connected her with Pastor Dave, and sent her to help launch Grafted. Jordan loves writing, cooking, and Star Trek.

Zach O’Connor

zach_oconnor_960_640On a normal Sunday morning, Zach can be seen hanging around the back of the room making sure everything goes smoothly; granted, he’s quick to admit that “smoothly” is relative… Officially, he is one of the small group leaders at Grafted, which means he knows how stuff works and where to start looking when stuff doesn’t work. While he was born in Washington state he calls Burnsville, MN his hometown. He attended the University of Minnesota, where he completed a BS in Computer Science, which landed him a job with Oracle as a Software Developer. When Zach is not working at Oracle, he volunteers with Side by Side Youth Ministries and Cru. Zach enjoys a variety of video and board games, hiking, canoeing, racquetball, and frisbee.